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Services & Activities

Representation of foreign tour operators: A big number of foreign tour operators from all over the world have entrusted their operations in Cyprus to Delta Wings Leisure Ltd. In addition to the Principles from various countries that we represent for a number of years, we do welcome new requests for partnership from Tour Operators wishing to use the services offerred by Delta Wings Leisure Ltd for hotel contracting and land arrangements.

Meeting and assistance services at airports and ports on arrival and departure of clients On all flights at Larnaca and Paphos airports , 24 hours , day and night , our airport representatives are expecting with a welcome smile every client who has booked through us directly or through one of our partners abroad. Our representatives are always at the welcome information desk holding the company. s sign or the clients name if so required. A welcome envelope with island maps , excursions programs and general information about Cyprus as well as information about our representatives contacts, is handed over to clients on arrival.

Organization of local excursions to all places of interest with professional:Excursions are organized from all main tourist resorts to all over Cyprus . Modern air conditioned coaches and professional guides are escorting the tours.

Jeep Safaris: Jeep safaris are nowadays very popular mainly among the young population. The preserved area of Akamas peninsula and the Troodos mountains are offered for such trips. In a four wheel drive cars and with experienced drivers daily trips take place from all resorts, to Akamas. The Avakas gorge alone with the sandy and isolated bays on the coasts are attracting a lot of visitors. It. s a combination tour, which offers knowledge on flora and fauna of Cyprus but also having a walk in the nature trails and swim in the isolated beaches away from mass tourism.

Handling of reservations for individuals and groups for both hotels and apartments: Highly educated staff with long relationship to hotels and other tourist establishments are handling all room reservations. At a very comfortable environment and equipped with the latest technology at our Larnaca head office, our staff is able to negotiate and handle with proper care every single reservation for individuals or groups. We are all very much aware that fast response is very important factor for our partners and that why we always have an answer within an hour or in case of more complicated cases, we try to be as quick as possible. There is never a negative answer from our office. In cases of no availability there are always alternatives to be offered.

Hotel representative services: On arrival and a foreign country, everybody would certainly need some assistance information on what is going on in the hotel and the area . This is the job of our representatives. Always punctual are offering all necessary information about the hotel and the island and on how clients can make their holidays the most enjoyable ones. The representative is a bank of information and is there to find solutions to every demand. The representative, through mobile telephone numbers available , is the contact of the client also for emergency cases.

Boat Trips: Boats with all government and European safety regulations and means are sailing daily to all coastal places of interest. People can enjoy sunbathing on board or having a swim in the clear waters after anchor in small sandy bays. Boats are always fully equipped with full bar and restaurant facilities and barbeque luncheons or full Cyprus meze is served aboard or ashore. During the trip different water sports and games are organized by the crew where clients are welcome to participate. These boats are also sailing for night tours during which the whole boat functions as a floating disco or with live music and performances of Cyprus folk music and dances.

Transfers by luxury limousines for individuals and /or modern coaches for groups : Modern air conditioned Mercedes cars and stretched limousines are available through our suppliers for transferring our clients from the airport to hotels and back. In case of groups, our transportation company with a modern fleet of coaches, always clean and at the best mechanical level , vouch for a safe and comfortable transportation or excursion. The drivers, at least English speaking , remain at clients disposal to assist with luggage or any other incident may arise.

Packages for special interests such as:Packages for special interest groups are organized with proper attention and care, tailored made to satisfy every request. Tours to existing archaeological sites or to places where excavations are still going on with the experienced guides. Cyprus has something 9000 years of history and ruins are existing from all those civilizations. Cyprus is very rich concerning religious monuments such as Byzantine monasteries and churches. Most of them with famous old icons , wall paintings and mosaics. St Paul and Varnavas have visited Cyprus in the early Christian years and certainly they still have their roots all over. Today many small churches on Troodos mountains due to their importance are under the UNESCO protection. Our villages and people are our treasure. Tours are organized to all places where tourists are not able to explore and where only men are still sitting in the traditional coffee shops in the village squares and invite all strangers for a coffee& . The culture, the architecture and the traditional jobs and habits are still existing, we need however to explore them on spot. Groups are organized to Cyprus for specific sports. Playgrounds for soccer are available for hire to teams spending their winter training in Cyprus. Due to excellent climate and the winter breaks of national championships in Europe, a lot of teams are choosing Cyprus for training. We are experienced to offer hotel accommodation, playgrounds, transportation and proper meals. The most important is that we have always equal teams either foreign or locals and as a part of training we can organize friendly games. Golf courses are recently built around and can be reserved for single tea times or for group play. Needless to say that all equipment is also available for hire and courses are there by professional trainers for both beginners and advanced golfers. Tennis courts are available to all hotels and clubs and are offered mainly free of charge. Individual clients can always request a partner to play whereas tournaments are organized on a regular basis for groups. Other sports such as bowling, cycling or hiking on the island. s nature trails are very popular. Organized trails with numbers and names with specifications on high, distances and importance are described on the tourist maps. Local experienced guides with knowledge on the flora and fauna of the island are accompanying the groups. Cyprus being an island and surrounded by sea , is having a high developed water sports. Boats are sailing along the coasts offering all kind of sports. Swimming, skiing, , banana ride, parachuting, water jets. Sailing boats and powerboats are available for private chartering for small parties or groups. Equipment is provided and everybody can try his luck in fishing. Barbeque luncheons are prepared either on board or ashore while passengers are sunbathing on boat decks or swimming around. Instructors are offering diving lessons to beginners or 3 - 4 days course for advanced divers for PADI degree. Conferences and seminars are organized .Our company undertakes the reservation of hotel accommodation, conference rooms and equipment as well as all necessary transfers for the participants and the general supervision of the event. Almost all big hotels are nowadays fully organized to receive groups for conferences. Class room or theatre style rooms with all highest technology audiovisual aid is available and can be reserved for small and big groups. Besides the hotel conference rooms, the Cyprus International Conference Center offers capacity up to more than one thousand participants. Specific programs are prepared for incentive groups according to each group. s budget. A mixture of activities are offered for the best satisfaction of the group. Treasure hunting , chartering of boats for leisure during the day or night , water sports, jeep safaris with drivers or self drive, horse riding and different games are offered . Theme nights with different subjects, a lot of food and wine and fun are taking place at hotels, village squares or other places with relevant scenery. There is always a program for all budgets .